Kim Dao Japanese Summer Festival 

Last summer, Kim Dao and her friend Bronwyn put their hair up, got into their kimonos and their thonged Geisha girl-like sandals, and headed out on the train to the Japanese festival. The city street was blocked off for venders and local entertainment to be part of the summer festival . Kim Dao had a dish of shaved strawberries with condensed milk on it that only cost her 500 yen or an equivalent of $5. She washed that down with a peach flavored Mandarin drink with a touch of alcohol. The festival had food from Korea, Thailand, and Japan, They served an array of pork, beef, and chicken dishes. Kim Dao ate something that looked like glazed carrots.

This summer festival took place last August on a city street in Tokyo. Kim Dao and her friend got to enjoy dancers on a stage. The girls danced like pom pom girls.

As the day wore on, Kim Dao and others started walking around with black umbrellas to shield themselves from the sun. At the end, Kim Dao recommended that people come to visit Japan for the festivals in August. She recommends Odigo Travel because they give very easy, uncomplicated, and personalized service.

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