Josh Verne’s Perspective on Attaining Success by Eliminating Self Hindering Traits

Josh Verne is an entrepreneur who sells his self-established companies. He found in 2012 in partnership with Paul Dumas and Jon focuses on making available high-end products to its clients at an affordable rate while eliminating hidden and interest fees. The company gives financing in instalments using one’s bank account or paycheck.


Josh Verne set up in 2015 and is the current is a mobile student platform that provides news on trending issues affecting students.


Before establishing, Josh headed Home Line Industries between 1995 to 2011.The Philadelphia-based company grew from a furniture store to an international home furnishings supplier catering to clients across the United States.


During a recent podcast, Josh Verne stated some of his critical perspectives on how to not block one’s path towards success.they are listed below

  1. He noted that a leader is the best character to inspire productivity at work. Josh said that unlike a boss, who demands respect and acts at his convenience, a leader recruits people under his leadership by earning their respect and moving for everyone’s convenience. He added that leadership unifies a team towards a set goal.
  2. Josh advised that one should avoid win-lose situations. The most rewarding take would be to deal a situation that is a win for employees, clients, and the society. He explained that taking paths that lead to partial winning for the parties involved will always require a revision of plan to output a different result that will benefit the parties that lost. An initial win-win approach ensures that the business maintains positive progress.
  3. According to Josh, the number one key that leads to success is following one’s highest passion. He explained that a larger percentage of successful people have a passion that drives them towards inputting a daily effort to reach their goal.
  4. Verne encouraged the listeners that one has to have a balanced life to enjoy both the career and social life. A stable home and maintained health ensure that one has enough energy to take on each day without unnecessary worries. He advised that if one is not in good health or on a progressive track in life, it is possible to begin building towards a better future gradually.
  5. Josh noted that speaking less with more effect is a powerful trait to have. The skill makes one authoritative to listeners.


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