Jojo Hedaya’s System for Email Prioritization

In the past few decades email has been a major platform for communication, whether it’s an exchange between a consumer and the retailer or the people closest to you. The majority of technology now includes a technical platform that directly links our emails to that specific device. The majority of us use our emails for professional purposes and with that being said overtime we tend to accumulate more junk mail than necessary. Jojo Hedaya is a COO of a company named Unroll. Me, the Unroll. My system is used to help individuals organize and prioritize their emails. Almost on an hourly base, we constantly receive all sorts of updates and news from websites or companies we have previously subscribed to.

The process individually selecting and review each email can become extremely tedious. Unroll. Me has a feature that is called the “The Rollup”. This feature helps you by gathering all of the lower priority emails and assembles them all in one email for you to review then select which one’s you would like to unscribe from or just delete in one click. Hedaya attended Brooklyn College but did not complete his degree. Jojo and his business partner Josh started the company back in 2011. The amount of subscribers has grown significantly since 2013. The app is completely free of charge, they collect their profits from the advertisments on the app.

When is comes to the culture of their company, Hedaya states the leaders of the teams must lead by example. He believes that upper management has to set a standard which influence the productivity in the company, as well as inspires their employees to enjoy their jobs and put forth their best efforts. It takes a lot of consideration to run a company successfully. Even though Jojo and Josh were lucky to have a variety of different sources to help them Hedaya recommends at least attaining a business degree to have more clarity on what are the important values and concepts to implement when starting a business from the ground up.

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