JHSF: Property Development Rising in Brazil

JHSF, a company founded in 1972, have seen noticeable growth in the past years due to the high demand of property development in Brazil. JHSF’s chairman and CEO, Jose Auriemo Neto, expressed that he is optimistic about the future of his company, and believes that more people will be turning into property development for investment. The company plans on building more real estate property especially in Brazil’s major cities, like Rio de Janeiro, who are drawing appeal from expatriates all over the world.

Jose Auriemo Neto joined the JHSF Participacoes SA back in 1993. He is one of the key people in turning the side of the coin to the company’s favor. He was assigned to different construction projects and has successfully finished a variety of projects including the development of residential and commercial properties across Brazil. He is responsible for overseeing the company’s interest in hotels, office buildings, and other public construction projects, as well as administering the complex shopping portfolio that the firm has. One of his most successful endeavors was the creation of Cidade Jardim shopping center in Sao Paolo, which became one of the best retail areas in Brazil. It has attracted a lot of international brands lately and is frequented by tourists. He also participated in different shopping mall projects like the Metro Tucuruv, Bela Vista, and Ponta Negra. Two more shopping centers are being planned in Sao Paolo, as Brazil’s economic market continues to rise. JHSF keeps on expanding on an international scale, and their projects for the future is intended to be built in foreign countries and among them are Uruguay and the United States.

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