Jens, Sanctions, What Else?

In a time of so much national distress and need, there are a few questions that Brazil should be asking itself: “First of all, where do we stand on sanctions? Are sanctions important? If so why? If not what, why not?” As such, Felipe Montoro Jens recently discussed such matters with Carlos Edison, and both leaders broke ground on topics that had so far not been discussed in their full length – topics that will make or break the heart of Brazil itself and offer numerous potential solutions or barriers to the country in years to come.


Jens notes that the country’s government has not done enough in recent years to stop wastewater management issues from rising, which they have only continued to do at a more unstoppable pace ever since 2011. Since then, Jens has been analyzing the situation from far away but has not had the opportunity to interview leaders who are fundamental to the change that Brazil so much needs right now, leaders like Edison. Edison noted many important facts that were maintained in Jens’ mind as he further asked similar questions in turn. Each leader considered the interview a success in hopes that all ideas discussed will only further push such a needed change in the country: It is, of course, all up to the government in the end.


Yet it is also up to the citizens: We Brazilians must vote, or the backsliding issue could prove endless and, in time, become irreversible.


Felipe Montoro Jens

Jens holds his Masters degree in International Management. He studied at Thunderbird. He has likewise attended the U.S.’s American Garvin school of International Management.


He is multiply endorsed on LinkedIn. He’s a continual learner. His lifelong study and pursuit now involve wastewater management and current data project divisions.

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