Jason Hope: The Future of Internet of Things

If one were to take a moment and consider how far we have come in the last eighteen years since the turn of the century, the next logical things to wonder is what the next two or even twelve years holds. Before there was no way to predict how revolutionary the internet would genuinely be for humanity. That the internet would bring rise to smartphones like the iPhone, tablets like those made by Android and Apple, or even small connected devices that allow us to monitor and control our homes in real-time from across the globe. I think it’s safe to say; not even Jason Hope could have imagined it.

Though, after graduating from Arizona State Universal with a Master’s of Business and Administration, he did think to have a vision in mind and thoughts to share. Building a career as an investor and philanthropist, he made it a mission to support the advancement of humankind unlike anyone before him.

Jason Hope dedicates his vast knowledge of science and technology, resources and time to causes and people who align with his mission. Organizations like the SENS Research Foundation, as well as the Boys and Girls Club. His many donations go far and wide in speeding along breakthroughs in an emerging area call Rejuvenation Biotechnology, and assuring more boys and girls can realize their dreams.

Most notably, however, is Jason Hope’s interest in the Internet of Things. His belief that they will shape our world in the very near future. If one were to take a step back, it’s clear to see the foundations for such a reality have already been laid. Through the introduction of Apple’s HomeKit or Android Home; Amazon is also interested in the automated home market, where small devices collectively grant us so much control over our homes and daily lives the internet couldn’t do alone.

It becomes more interesting when Jason Hope brings up security, with all of these different platforms, how do we keep everything secure? The whole idea is a vastly interconnected world of devices and beacons, but as it stands they would all be on separate platforms, virtually disconnected from one another. Jason Hope believes once we overcome this concept, we can indeed reap the benefits of the internet of things. Cars connected intimately to our phones, and our homes and perhaps even our final destinations. All with security and privacy front and center.

Jason Hope’s  Social Media: twitter.com/jasonhope

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