Jason Hope Holding the Banner of Hope for Victims of Premature Aging

People are aging faster than they should something that is not only discouraging but also lowers their self-esteem and steals the joy of dream chasers. Diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer disease are part of the problem and the reason Jason Hope wakes up every day hoping they are a bad dream. One day, it will, given the passion he gives towards ensuring that they never occur in the first place. The SENS Research Foundation is helping make it a dream come true.

Premature aging is a result of diseases that break down the body and destroy it so that the results are old looking individuals of a young age. The SENS Foundation and Jason Hope, as well as other believers, meet every year without fail to raise money, awareness as well as research outcomes in the fight to live to healthy longer. Read more about Jason Hope at ideamensch.com

Enter the Philanthropist

Most people if not all want to live longer something that is harder to achieve in this day and age because of many predisposing factors. In days long gone, people lived long healthy lives, and it was not uncommon to meet people well past the hundred year mark. Today, past a hundred is akin to a miracle with life expectancy threatening to fall below forty. Jason Hope believes that the reason is common modern day diseases.

While most philanthropists give to causes such as poverty alleviation, taking care of orphans etcetera, his philanthropy path is of its kind and unique in its own right. His is a quest to help people live for as long as they desire to through healthy living by eliminating diseases that age people before their time.

Most people would give anything to live to ripe old age for different reasons and would give anything towards the cause. Jason Hope wants people to live up their dreams in his search towards preventive medicine rather than curative. He devotes time and resources to the charity of longer healthier lives.

Who is Jason Hope?

He can is an entrepreneur who tweets, participates and donates resources towards the fight for a future devoid of degenerative diseases like cancer. He is a believer of the almost impossible but what is a dream if it is not big enough to scare the dreamer?

See more: http://cityscene.org/jason-hope-the-entrepreneur-from-arizona/


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