Interior Designer with a Difference-Richard Mishaan

He is known to the guru in the interior design industry, and most of the people refer to him as the mix master in interior design. Richard Mishaan is the peace maker when it comes to home decorations as he makes a peaceful home for families. To those who have come into contact with the designer, describes him as the architect and designer who brings out the whole difference when it comes to furniture as well as lighting. Mr. Mishaan likes working with the ancient elements to create a fashionable structure into a symphonic collocation. Richard is known to a high-spirited interior designer who for an extended time has worked with various hotels in Columbia as well as residence in Dominica Republic, New York, and Florida.

According to Richard Mishaan; his designs are unique and are founded on having an eye and not money. Mr. Mishaan believes in quality as his philosophy. Mishaan proves his trust by owing a couch that is over 20 years old. Richard is also a businessman who owns a furniture business in Greenwich Village where he deals with contemporary as well as antique furniture. He is passionate about interior design and it evident on how he transforms his furniture store about four times a year Richard Mishaan advocates for floating beds to create space in the bedroom, painting the walls to create gesture as well as buying low club chairs for the purpose of opening up the living room.

Richard Mishaan is a living example when it comes to interior design. He leads by designing his home where he lived with his family; his wife, daughter, and son. The home where he once lived; is now a museum of a collection of quality furniture as well as arts. Richard Mishaan’s creations are characterized by individualism. He strives to give his clients perspective instead of their own or his own opinion. Richard Mishaan is a designer who is inspired by the environment and he leaves his clients satisfied with his work.


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