Ignoring The Odds

How often have you heard the phrase “never tell me the odds” and not given it a second thought? Probabilities rule our daily life even if we don’t know it. Every sporting event features odds, and people bet on the stock market on a daily basis, but the odds have an even larger presence in our daily life. Every day you make vital decisions based on the odds of success. You might choose not to stop for breakfast because it lowers your chances of getting to work on time, or you might choose not to apply for a certain job because the odds of getting it are extremely odds. The odds rule over us like emperors, but they do not have to have such a large impact.

Contrary to popular belief, the odds can be overcome. VTA publications is an extremely popular advice website, and they had some great advice for people that are constantly worried about the odds holding them back from achieving their dreams. This column was extremely insightful, and in some ways it was inspirational.

People often forget that probabilities are built upon a distribution of possible events. Certain things can happen, and each of these events is assigned a certain probability. Unfortunately, these probabilities can become extremely inaccurate in the right circumstances. Probabilities are built around what most people will do, so they can be wrong if you choose not to be the average person.

Average people will never beat the odds, but why would anyone choose to be average? You make a choice every day to act a certain way. People can and should choose to be above average. If you choose to be above average, then you can not be defeated by the odds. You should ignore the odds and stay focused on your destiny.

VTA publications produces distance learning courses for people throughout the world. Their courses have been enjoyed by people from around the globe, allowing each learner to achieve their personal dreams. They want people to have access to cutting edge information at all times, and to act on that information when they receive it. Thousands of students can testify to VTA publications ability to inspire them and grant insight into the world around them.

The odds can be a powerful influence, but they should not control our destiny. Ignore the odds and choose to be an above average person. You will reach new heights.

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