Youtube star Wengie has laid out twelve life hacks for all lazy people in one of her latest videos. The great thing about Wengie is she gives away gifts to her followers for hitting certain like amounts on her videos and this is how this certain video begins.

Wengie’s first life hack is one minute microwave meals. These meals are vegan and healthy and perfect for people who do not want move to get food. She has a bean dish and dessert for the lazy ones in the audience.

The next hack is to turn a simple bag of chips into a chip bowl so you never have to reach to the bottom of a chip bag. For the lazy yogurt eater, Wengie turns a yogurt top into a spoon so you don’t have to get up and get one from the drawer.

If you have wrinkles in your clothes, Wengie suggests using your hair straightener so you do not have to get up to get an iron. If you don’t want to check food when baking, Wengie suggests taping your phone face in on your oven door with the light on and start a facetime so you don’t have to keep getting up.

Instead of finding your remote, Wengie suggests turning your phone into a universal remote with several apps available. If you are too lazy to wash dishes, Wengie suggests putting plastic wrap around your plates and pealing off when done eating.

If you want to eat popcorn without holding bowl, put a hoodie on backwards and use the hood as a bowl. If you’re lazy and like to lay down in bed and drink fluids, use a sippy cup, Wengie says it will not spill if upside down!

The next two hacks are for fooling people into thinking you are cleaning. Wengie says that you can take a picture of your sink bottom and print it out and place on top of dirty dishes to fool parents. Also, you can download sounds of vacuum cleaners and play these to fool parents into thinking that you are vacuuming.

Wengie suggests using wall hooks in alternating patterns on a flat surface for an easy and lazy ipad holder.

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