How Women Aware and Genucel is Contributing Positively to the Regaining of Self-Esteem to Victims of Abuse

Lowered self-esteem is considered to be one of the most common issues that is caused by abuse to any given individual. This is followed by a series of episodes of feeling unworthy and hatred towards oneself and may result to self- violence and consequentially lead to self-harm. On the other hand, one can always avoid the post-abuse manifestations through seeking significant self-care ways of handling the symptoms that may help in overcoming the lowered self-esteem in the victim. Again, one can be guided by the health care practitioners who provide some of the different health care tips that help in the emotional and physical well-being after the abuse.

What’s more, the treatment therapy for the low-esteemed includes the self- affirmation words that help in reassuring one about being loved, accepted, worthy, and beautiful.

Also, although at first some of the abused victims may not believe the self-affirmations during the first phase, research shows that continuing with the affirmations may have a positive impact in the long run. Another way to regain self-esteem is by re-channeling all the negative energy into other activities such as dancing, exercise, and hygiene among other methods and also by using Genucel by Chamonix products. In fact, shifting one’s focus to self-care methods can largely play one of the essential roles in the journey to recovering of self-confidence for the abuse survivors. Besides, as part of the road to recovery, Genucel, which is Chamonix’s subsidiary, comes in handy in its role of supporting the victims of abuse who are mainly women and children by offering Women Aware with beauty bags that contain the Genucel product and toiletries.

About Women Aware Organization and the Genucel Products

Located in Middlesex, New Jersey, Women Aware serves as a nonprofit organization that provides its help to domestic violence affiliated families. As statistics indicate, the United States records that everyday seven men get involved in domestic abuse for every seven seconds whereas 25% of women are engaged in the same. Again, New Jersey tops the list as the most affected states with the highest reported number of domestic violence cases in the country. Further, Women Aware Organization is accredited as having being in the front line of providing support to the women and their families in terms of shelter, food, and recovery programs for the last three decades.

Furthermore, Women Aware also launched a charity walk program that was known as the “Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Race & Charity Walk.” The walk was started to help the abuse victims re-gain their self-worth since walking is attributed as one of the physical activities that reduce stress besides boosting the mental health wellness. Moreover, the Genucel Products, which constitutes of a PhotoCelTec Technology, is also used as part of the remedies in improving the self-esteem of the victims of abuse. The products are produced from a plant known as Malus Domestica, which have a wrinkle reduction effect as wrinkling tends to be rampant among victims of violence due to depression. Learn more about Genucel on


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