How the Chainsmokers Have Dominated the Music Industry in the United States

About six years ago, nobody in the United States had any clue about a music group by the name Chainsmokers. However, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were still making their electronic dance music only that fate had not been on their side. However, things change quickly, and within a period of fewer than five years, very few people in the country don’t have any information about the duo.

The two individuals rose to fame after releasing their hit single, #Selfie, which attracted widespread views and downloads across the country. Everybody wanted to listen to this new song which went up to international stages. In fact, the hit single went ahead to appear on the top twenty lists of most music lists around the world. Emerging on the top twenty list of much top music in different parts of the world is a clear indication that the song had captured the imagination of many listeners.

The Chainsmokers followed the success of the first single song by creating a new album that debuted in 2015. By this time, many individuals were already aware of the group’s potential, which means that most of the people were waiting for the whole album. One of the songs that captured the imagination of many individuals is ‘Roses,’ which went ahead to hit the top ten songs in the United States.

The other song in the album that raised the profile of the group is ‘Don’t Let Me Down,’ which ended up becoming a hit song in Europe. This song won the Grammy Awards as it was voted to be the best dance song in 2015. Surprisingly, the hit, ‘Closer’ went ahead to become the group’s first number one songs in most of the United States top ten hits.

The Chainsmokers have gone ahead to win several music awards in the United States some of them including two American Music Awards and several Billboard Music Awards. The Chainsmokers also won eight iHeartRadio Music Awards. The success of the group has continued with the two individuals releasing their second album, Memories…Do Not Open, which was released later in 2017. Surprisingly, the group has been able to achieve these successful results within a period of fewer than five years.

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