How EOS Lip Balms Became Successful by Targeting the Younger Generation

Anyone who keeps up with the latest trends in fashion might have seen some top celebrities using something contained in little pastel-colored spheres. What they are using is a revolutionary new lip balm from a company called Evolution of Smooth. Due to the innovative strategies used to market this product to millennials, their lip balm was grossing over a million dollars in just seven short years. The sales of EOS lip balm continues to rise at a steady pace, which gives the company a projected market of two billion dollars by the year 2020.  Check on for details.

Reinventing Lip Balm

When the co-founders of Evolution of Smooth were looking at the products available for lip balm they noticed one major aspect that gave them the idea of reinventing the product. The brands currently on the market had all been made with a similar generic design, which included a tube-shaped container. The first thing the co-founders did was hire a professional to help them create a new container. This led to the the popular orb shape used today. They also decided to make the orb appear more like a beauty product by giving it pleasing pastel shades.

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In addition to changing the way the container looked, the team at EOS also wanted to change the lip balm itself. They decided to create a line of products using natural ingredients derived from plants. This made their lip balm appealing to people interested in using only natural or organic products. Deciding to stay on course with the younger generation of millennials, they also wanted their product to connect with customers. They managed to accomplish this by having their lip balms appeal to a person’s sense of taste and smell. They also used a marketing campaign that targeted women aged 25 to 35 with blog posts on social media websites.  Click on for additional details.

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