How Chris Burch Inspires Through His Instagram Account

Chris Burch is known as one of the most influential style makers in the world. To help people be inspired by his creative thinking, Mr. Burch maintains an active Instagram account. Here are some of the insights gained from looking at Chris Burch’s recent Instagram postings.


Amazing Taste in Home and Gardens

Recently, Mr. Chris Burch acquired a chateau in Senils, Picardie, France. Mr. Bruch posted various photos of the home’s exterior as well as photos of the garden and the outdoor seating area. The Instagram postings reflect the classic taste of the style icon and world famous hotelier. Some of the interior photos of the new estate include pictures of the dining area and a circular staircase.


Focus on Family

While Mr. Chris Burch is known for his luxurious lifestyle, the style maven also places a heavy emphasis on his family. Some of Mr. Burch’s recent Instagram posts show his children having fun while on vacation. These photos and videos are simply captured moments that show that Mr. Chris Burch is not too busy to have fun with the family.


Words of Wisdom

As a business leader, who has found success in many industries, Mr. Burch has many insights. On a recent Instagram post, Mr. Burch shared 10 important qualities that require zero talent. Some of these important qualities listed include, “Being on time,” “work ethic,” body language,” and “being prepared.”


Sharing His Love of Art

Mr. Burch has made his fortune mainly because of his great eye for art. On his Instagram account, the style icon shares many of his favorite paintings, sculptures and other art pieces. One of the notable posts included a painting of a child with a painted face and a flowery headpiece.

Christopher Burch is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Previously, Mr. Burch was a co-founder of Tory Burch LLC which he sold in 2012 at a valuation or $3.5 billion, additional info on ( After selling his interest in Tory Burch, Christopher Burch opened up a number of five-star resorts around the world. Today, Mr. Burch helps fund start-ups and develops their creative branding.


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