Honey Birdette expanding into United States

Honey Birdette is Australia’s first sensuality boutique, specializing in producing high quality intimate apperal, and toys. Started by Eloise Monaghan back in 2006, when she grew tired of being unable to find quality lingerie, and luxury bedroom toys. The company has seen terrific growth in the United States, and United Kingdom over the past 12 months. This lead to a huge expansion in new markets all over the world. Beginning last year with just one store outside of their home country a year ago to plans to open stores in the United States, and increase store count in Europe.

Honey birdette has a large inventory ranging from collars, straps, perfume, and candy for all sorts of kinky fun. Lead by founder Eloise Monaghan, all design work for new product lines including detailed toys, and lingerie is done in house at Honey HQ in Australia.

The boutique has 55 stores in their home country of Australia, with plans to open 10 more. In the United Kingdom the boutique has only three stores with plans to increase that number to forty by 2018. They have also seen a 374% increase in their business in the United States in just twelve months, leading them to dedicate a new e-commerce site for United States customers, as well as targeting certain areas for retail locations. The company hopes that they are able to provide a better service to their customers in all markets, by offering free shipping on orders over $50, and faster/easier returns.

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