Honey Birdette: Bringing a Mixture of Fun and Sensuality into the Bedroom

Launch of US e-commerce and UK Rapid Retail Roll-out Recap
Honey Birdette is an Australian based lingerie brand. The brand has decided to launch an e-commerce in the U.S., after an increase in the online sales by 374%. They also have plans to expand in the UK. Their expansion plans include increasing the UK retail portfolio from three stores to 40 stores by the end of 2018. Honey Birdette has been a success and it launched its first store outside Australia in 2016. Back at home in Australia, the lingerie brand has 55 stores. They have been a success not only due to customer satisfaction but also because of the support of BBRC, which is a private investment company.

About Honey Birdette
Every couple wants to bring out a level of sexuality in the bedroom, and two friends felt that this was lacking in Australia. This, later on, gave birth to Honey Birdette in 2006. The brand has not limited its production to lingerie only, but it is also producing bedroom toys. Honey Birdette is headed by Eloise Monaghan, who founded it and also acts as the brand’s Creative Director.

Honey Birdette Products
The products’ prices differ, depending on what you want to buy. The prices of premium labels are around £35 for briefs, and bras go for £60. They also have free delivery for people who place an order that goes beyond $50. Honey Birdette seeks to give women confidence in the bedroom and to also enable them to bring out their feminine side. Some of the other products they offer include; potent perfumes from France, massage candles, cuffs, collars, leather crops and much more. Anyone seeking to spice up their bedroom can make an order online. To get more information on these products, you can visit their website.

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