Here’s Why Eos’ New Lip Balm Is Causing Such A Stir

If you’re looking for a new lip balm, the search is over! Eos’ crystal lip balm is taking the world by storm, with a natural blend of vegan friendly ingredients that will have your lips feeling beyond smooth (   The formula has been designed and tested to be healthy for your lips and skin, and as an added bonus — it’s completely clear. This is actually one of the many perks that people are so interested in when it comes to the product, considering both flavors also pack quite the punch to them as well!

No one likes applying a lip balm and tasting the chemical, which is exactly what you won’t have to deal with when using Eos products. The crystal lip balm is also only $5, which is quite the steal so to speak. It can be found all over the place online, as well as in most popular pharmacies or beauty stores, see Amazon. You can also find it for sale by the pack online, which is what quite a few people tend to do in order to save even more money.

Considering that the world is starting to go the healthy, organic route, Eos is another perfect way to change up a part of your lifestyle for the better. No one wants to deal with dry, cracking lips, or use a lip balm that makes them even dread the thought. If you’re on the fence about what you’re currently using, (or just happen to be looking for the solution), you need Eos’ crystal lip balm! It’s now available in both Vanilla Orchid & Hibiscus Peach, and either of them are absolutely delightful to the touch/smell.

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