Helane Morrison and the Glass Ceiling

One of the common complaints about being a woman in the workforce throughout the years has been the glass ceiling. However, it is very hard for someone to do that. Fortunately, there is a person who has managed this accomplishment through her integrity and her ethics. She makes it a point to keep doing the right thing no matter what and stay on the straight and narrow. Helane Morrison has proven that she not only has the character to survive these condition, but she could heavily influence the workforce as well. 

Morrison has worked as a journalist at the beginning of her career. She has also spent a good chunk of her career working in the government. She has both exposed corruption in various places and worked to put a stop to it. She stood up to people that were vulnerable to the corruption that took place in society. Among the jobs she held and companies Helane worked at was head of enforcement at SEC in San Francisco. She looked over litigation, regulations and enforcement of securities. Morrison received a glowing review of her career in WSJ for her work with the SEC.

Helane also worked at Howard, Rice Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin for about 10 years starting in 1986 according to Morrison’s Crunchbase. Throughout her time there, she worked on SEC matters and dealt with private securities actions. She has also investigated various corporations in order to reveal any problems in the workforce as well as other business practices. 

Ever since the last economic crisis, there has been a huge mistrust of corporations due to the unethical behavior revealed in the crisis. Among the pieces of information that have been revealed were false audit claims. There were tons of other types of unethical actions that have been exposed. Even today, in 2016, there is a belief that there might be another economical downturn amidst the upcoming election.

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