Hedgefund Manager and Art Collector Adam Sender Recounts His Art Collection Story

Successful New York City based hedge fund manager and art collector Adam Sender has amassed a sizable art collection over the course of several decades. At only 45 years old, Mr. Sender has a collection that makes other art collectors who are older than him envious. How has the the savvy businessman been able to collected over a thousand works of art at his age? He shares some of his insight and strategies in business and art.

Adam Sender reveals that like investments, art collection is a hobby that must be viewed with a long term strategy. His job as an investor and hedge fund manager has taught him to be patient and helped him develop a discerning eye for fine works of art. His lover for art began early on in his career. He had began collecting art since he landed his first big job in finance on Wall Street in the 1990’s. Early on Adam had to be cautious about how he spent his money. Even though he was making a good living for himself, buying expensive art could have quickly crippled his life and his career.

So how has Adam Sender been able to amass a a collection of art that has been loaned to museums all over the world? He has even put on exhibitions himself at his residences. Mr. Sender’s secret has been doing extensive research. “As with commodities and investments, you need to do your research” explains Mr. Sender. “If you don’t know what you are dealing with chances are it won’t work out very well for you he says.” Mr. Sender has been so passionate about his art that he hired a full time curator that would educate him and help him to appraise works of art. He also bought works of art from up and coming but established artists that he know would only gain in popularity in the future. Some of the notable artists that are found in his collection are Cindy Sherman, Keith Herring, Richard Prince, Dan Flavin and Martin Kippenberger.

Unlike many private collectors Adam Sender has decided to share the art he has collected with the public. He created a website that allowed individuals and institutions such as museums and libraries to request works of art to be loaned to them for education or exhibition. He has also put on exhibitions himself. His collection of art is so extensive that museums have even made special exhibitions from his collection alone.

Mr. Sender has recently decided to put up some of his prized art collections for sale. Some of his painting which he had purchased in the 1990’s or early 2000’s have gone up in value so much that they are estimated to be worth several million dollars now. With the right research, experience, education and commitment a person can develop an eye for unique works of art that are out there waiting to be discovered by a collector.

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