Heather Parry Plays A Major Part In The Evolution Of Music-Based Documentaries

The head of Live Nation Productions, Heather Parry has been combining her love of TV, cinema, and music throughout a career now in its third decade. Joining MTV at 21, Parry spent a dozen years with the cable music channel before following MTV star, Adam Sandler to his Happy Gilmore Productions company for the next decade. Now heading the concert promoter, Live Nation’s first attempts at breaking the movie and TV markets, the respected executive is helping evolve the way musicians are seen on film.

News of the arrival of Heather Parry at Live Nation Production may have slipped by many in the industry in December 2015 because she made the decision to simply begin work without a major arrival party. Live Nation Productions may have started out with a traditional entry into the concert film genre with Justin Timberlake’s 2016 release, the company is now pushing the envelope regarding the evolution of music and film.

Becoming involved with the critically-acclaimed and box office darling, “A Star Is Born” starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper has shown Heather Parry is looking to add credibility to the brand quickly. “A Star Is Born” is a route one may expect Live Nation Productions to take, but the release of “Believer” has changed the role of musicians on film forever.

“Believer” charts the journey of Imagine Dragons singer, Dan Reynolds as he returns to his roots as a member of the Mormon Church to address its stance on the LGBTQ community. Addressing controversial issues is not something Heather Parry appears to be shying away from as she looks to add to the critical success LIve Nation Productions has already achieved. Alongside the impressive Colin Hanks-directed film about The Angels of Death Metal’s return to Paris, the roster of successful work curated by Heather Parry continues to grow.

Find out more about Heather Parry: https://twitter.com/heatherparry?lang=en

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