Goettl Provides A Few Easy Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your HVAC System

Put Your HVAC In The Shade

When it is hot outside, we feel much cooler in the shade. Just as you seek shade when it is hot out, so should your outdoor AC unit be in the shade. If your air conditioning unit is exposed to the sun, it will warm up. The air around your unit will also warm up. So what you may ask? The warmer the air around your HVAC unit is outside, the more energy the unit will have to use to cool the air when it brings it into your home.

Common sense dictates that you should have your HVAC unit in the shade. Place it in a shady area where there is shade from the roof, building or nearby trees or shrubs. Remember that trees and shrubs should be kept at least two feet away from the unit though. You also want to keep your unit free of debris such as leaves and twigs. If planting trees or shrubs is not feasible, you can simply place a mini roof or shade structure over the unit. It will save you money by making your AC unit work less hard to cool the air.

Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical Inc. Is An Established Company You Can Trust

Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical Inc. provides a full suite of HVAC services. Need to have your HVAC system repaired? Goettl will promptly replace any broken or worn out parts and bring your HVAC system back on. Think your HVAC system is not running at its full capacity? Goettl can perform an extensive inspection and tuneup to ensure that you are getting maximum value from your HVAC system.

The service area of Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical includes Prescott, Quad Cities, Sedona and Verde Valley. Financing plans are available to help spread out the cost of a new HVAC system or a major repair. Goettl is a name you can trust with over 90 years of service in Arizona.


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