Glen Wakeman Shares the Secret to Succeeding in Business

When Glen Wakeman attended college at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania and the University of Chicago, not only did he earn a bachelor’s in Economics and Finance and MBA, but he also confirmed the knowledge that the world of business was the place for him. His education enabled him to be hired by General Electric. He worked his way up in the company, working for them in a variety of roles and on three foreign continents. What Mr. Wakeman values the most about the position, however, was the opportunity to learn to be a leader. He hopes to help budding entrepreneurs through personal mentorship and through his software from LaunchPad Holdings (

At one time, Glen found himself surrounded by people with fantastic business ideas. He was shocked and disappointed that many of the businesses that started with such great ideas were failing, so he decided to find out how. What he discovered was that a good idea needs a structure and a plan in order to be successful. He became determined to develop software to help entrepreneurs with good business ideas develop a plan and structure so that their businesses would grow.

Glen came up with five elements to help develop a financial plan for a business. The five elements are leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance. He felt that anyone in business could develop a successful business if they had these elements, but he needed to provide it to those who need it in a simple, affordable format. This was the challenge that faced him when developing LaunchPad Holdings.

Another idea that Glen believes in strongly is that in order for a business to succeed, its leader needs to be confident in the venture. In order to make sure that these leaders believe in their own success, he demands that they take a risk if they want to work with them. If they are willing to do something that makes them feel uncomfortable, then they probably have what it takes to make their business succeed.


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