Flavio Maluf- The CEO, Chairman and President of Eucatex

It is hard to find a family run business that is a leader in its industry. This is commonly as a result of poor management, where family members put their interest before that of the company. This is turn leads to a lot of conflicts followed by losses. But Eucatex is not just any common company. The company that was founded back in the year 1951 is an industry leader. At that point in time, Brazil had no policies regulating the impact of companies to the environment. However, even though the owners of the company knew that companies were taking advantage of this fact but they decided to be the bigger company. They went ahead to concentrate on manufacturing products that were environmentally friendly. The company concentrated on the manufacture of panels using natural eucalyptus. To date, the company continues to thrive. And, this is all due to great management.


Currently, the company is under the leadership of Flavio Maluf who is the president, CEO and chairman of the company. Flavio has expansive knowledge in this industry. He has dedicated approximately 30 years to this company. He began working for the company back in the year 1987, upon his return from his career and education pursuit in New York. He had successfully began a career abroad, following the completion of his postgraduate degree, in Business Administration, from the New York University. The degree would complement his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, which he had obtained from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado.


When Flavio Maluf started working for his family company his uncle, the then president, placed him in the trade area of the company. He did not get any privileges just because he was family. In fact, he had to work in various positions within the trade area, before he could even be transferred to the industrial area. But when it happened, doors opened. His uncle invited him to serve in the executive board and a year later he was appointed to succeed him as the president of the company. With the years he has been promoted, first to CEO and recently to chairman of the board of directors.

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