Finding the Right EOS flavor

EOS has such a wide range of lip balms out there many shoppers find it truly difficult to narrow down the options to a reasonable number to choose from. This is, of course, part of their appeal. The different flavors of lip balm that EOS produces comes in sharp contrast to other manufacturers who only have a few flavor choices that are flavored with artificial ingredients. EOS uses all-natural and organic ingredients in their lip balm which truly shines through in the flavor which is fresh and interesting in flavor and doesn’t leave a fake flavor on your lips after you apply.

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To more effectively find the right EOS flavor, the following steps can be a helpful way of limiting options.

Start with a flavor group that you enjoy whether it be mint, fruit, blends of flavors, or other. From here search on their website to find the flavors that fall into your typical choices. The result may be a fruit flavor like blackberry nectar or a mint option like vanilla mint. Keeping to certain flavor groups that you enjoy can truly winnow down the options and let you find great flavors. Get your lip balm here on

Consider buying a sample pack to taste a variety of flavors if you find yourself more agnostic when it comes to flavors. Many people won’t typically go for certain flavors as they often taste fake but find that EOS lip balms taste much better. I tend to avoid strawberry flavored products though I love fresh strawberries. Many strawberry products taste fraudulent and EOS is a clear exception to this. The EOS sample pack let me realize this and I found my favorite flavor in strawberry sorbet.

Avoid trying other lip balm flavors. EOS is high quality and cares about their customers and this truly shines through in their end product which lasts longer and works better than competitors. If you are finding it hard to find the right lip balm flavor you just need to look a bit more. The variety of will ultimately allow you to find one that meets your tastes, buy now!

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