Finding Fame in Youtube

Youtube is a great place for the average person to get exposure, a following, and eventually, famous. It is accessible and anyone can set up an account! Viewers love lifestyle vloggers, gamers, and especially beauty gurus. Beauty gurus such as Michelle Phan, Bethany Moda and Elle and Blair Fowler have developed cult-like followings. Additionally, these Youtubers have received sponsorships, started online stores to sell their wares, and have landed book deals. Who’s the next beauty guru to watch?

Australian Youtuber Wendy Huang, who goes by “Wengie” is the taking the Youtube world by storm. Unlike some Youtubers who seemingly lucked into a large fan base, Wengie has a strong background in marketing and driving online presence. With an accounting degree, she is not just a pretty face but also a smart woman who knows what Youtube viewers are looking for. This is proven by the fact that she is a top Australian Youtuber whose videos have been viewed over 29 million times and whose channel is in the top five subscribed beauty channels of Australian Youtubers with nearly a million subscribers.

Wengie, who uploads new videos to Youtube on Saturdays and Thursdays, focuses on lifestyle, fashion and beauty. Her content provides viewers with make-up and hair tips and tutorials, hauls, fitness discussions, beauty hacks and fashion advice. Additionally, she informs users about worldwide trends and even compares fashions and trends in different countries. In addition to all of this, Wengie coordinates her content with blog posts on her tumblr, and maintains a strong presence on social media platforms. Finally, Wengie is co-founder and product manager of UniMi Cosmetics.

Youtube is an international platform where anyone can contribute content. It is also a fantastic site for users to find tutorials and advice. It is a special Youtuber, however, who has the right combination of skill, charisma, and talent to make a splash in the Youtube world. A few, like Wengie, have what it takes to even become famous from it.

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