Finding a New EOS Lip Balm

I primarily use one type of lip balm; EOS’ vanilla mint. When compared to vanilla mint other mint lip balms seemed boring and tasted like medicine. But vanilla mint by EOS has this complex and indescribable flavor that is just perfect for me. But after using this solely for the past three years I decided to try something new, to spice it up so to speak.

I decided to stick to EOS after first trying a Chapstick when I forgot my lip balm at home.

Compared to EOS, Chapstick tasted bland and fake. EOS has long been a leader in producing high quality lip balms. They were one of the first to market an organic alternative to the petroleum jelly based balms out there. I first tried them for this reason but I got hooked on using them for their superior quality and refreshing flavor options. Once I started using EOS I wouldn’t think of trying another lip balm brand, refer to this link.

EOS has a wide range of flavors to choose from and I decided to try their sweet mint flavor first. While it isn’t as complex flavored as the vanilla mint option, sweet mint is nice and refreshing and a great lip balm flavor option for those who love mint flavored items.

I switched it up with their strawberry sorbet flavor. Strawberry sorbet was a strong flavor that stood out for its sweetness and fresh flavor. Strawberry flavored products typically have this fake flavor, but Strawberry Sorbet avoided this, likely due to its lack of artificial ingredients, view products here on

I enjoyed all of the flavors I tried and will mix some of these into my retinue of lip balm, though I will be sticking to the Vanilla mint option for now. It is too much part of my routine to fully replace it, view for more.

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