Financial Strategies from the Legendary Brian Bonar

For you to thrive in economic matters, you have to copy some wisdom from the industry’s best. Brian Bonar is one of the most experienced financial consultants in the modern day. He is the CEO of the Imaging Technologies Corporation (ITEC). ITEC is a premier developer of color management computer software, integrator, and digital imaging hardware provider. Bonar discussed his business strategy that includes the addition of its new acquisitions. Brian’s advice is based on his company dynamics and success. ITEC’s transformation from a developer and a manufacturer to marketing and services provider has evolved tremendously over the past one year. The firm plans future calls for it to leverage its expertise in the provision of digital imaging services and products.

On the same note, ITEC, through its strategic acquisitions has expanded its market network by offering imaging products and services. To grow the firm more swiftly, ITEC has found a unique opportunity to supply its target markets by providing some administrative services. To specialize on their existing systems expertise, ITEC embarks on an extension program to provide more services to assist with tasks that have diversely impacted the business operations. They have launched a program of calculated acquisitions in employment practices. Bonar says that there is significant synergy between offering office solutions and administrative services. Earlier this month, ITEC bought SourceOne Group, Inc., which is based in Virginia. The firm provides small and medium-sized ventures with human resource services. Bonar notes that the acquisition is expected to add around $40 million in revenues in ITEC’s current financial year.

The PEO sector offers ITEC a route for leveraging its office services and products to a wider customer base. PEO can influence ITEC’s supplies and improve services delivery, customer retention, and proceeds. Through similar strategic acquisitions of office products resellers, ITEC has previously been able to amass proficient sales and support staff. The calculated acquisition plan has the potential to leverage ITEC’s access to customers and capital all over the world. It is accomplished by the local expertise of the small re-sellers who find it hard to expand their enterprises when competing with bigger firms. Bonar’s ITEC was founded in the year 1982. It is based in California, USA. The company develops and distributes imaging materials to diverse markets. The office products and systems include copiers, printers, plotters and software linked to a networked solution for small or medium-sized businesses. In short, the firm offers hardware, supplies software and services all connected to a system solution. ITEC’s SourceOne subsidiary is an employer organization providing a variety of personnel services to small and medium-sized enterprises. ITEC’s e-commerce program offers sales and maintenance services for consumables like inks, paper, toner for colored education, and software.

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