Felipe Montoro Jens on the Projects Concession

The concessions about the project of the management of the current mayor Porto ALerge (RS) were officially discussed on June 30th. The body that presided over the discussion of the concession on that date was the Management Council of the Municipal Program of Partnerships (Propar). This article provides a recap of what went on during that particular time.

Things that were said

During the meeting, Felipe Montoro actively participated as the expert in Infrastructure Projects. He maintained that the meeting was significant since it would help the government to make the critical decision on which private initiative to form an affiliation with. Felipe Montoro touched on projects such as the public lighting, sanitation projects, Guiaiba Water Park, and the construction of another capital for the Hospital Materno as some of the key projects at hand.

The formation of the (PROPAR/POA) alongside the Partnership Management Council (CGP)

The mayor has done a great job in helping Brazil economy from getting unstable. Through the formation and launching of the PPPS, Nelson Marchezan, who is the mayor says that there will be a stable economy in Brazil on a long-term basis. He maintained that there would be the implementation of PPPs in all areas possible within the municipal administration. His words got a robust support from Felipe Montoro Jen who is thrilled about such projects being that he is a specialist in that sector.

Felipe Montoro Jens has done a lot of work to ensure that the government initiates projects that can be used to generate revenue within the Brazilian Economy. Through his career, Felipe Montoro Jens has undertaken activities, some of which are still significant to the economy to date. Being a projects expert, he knows the right time and techniques that can be used to make sure that the projects initiated generate enough revenue so that the country does not face financial crisis.

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