Everything is green with Mike Baur on Board

Who is the real Mike Baur? To find the answer to that question, it is important to know what he does for a living, where he is in life and just how he comes to be there. On the top of the list, he is a business man and an entrepreneur. This means that his focus is in commerce along with teaching and learning the different ways to makes business practices better every day. Moreover, the details as to how he achieves his personal and professional goals make him an interesting and motivating individual.


Mike Baur, like many men and women who reach the top of their professional practice, is a founder and partner of his own company. The organization that owes its establishment to him, along with others, is the Swiss Startup Factory. And, just like many CEO and founders, there is a long road that of service and learning that leads him to hold the position that he is in. In his case, the journey is about 20 years long. This is more or less average for professionals who do what he does now. His legacy starts with serving in the field of banking under the names of UBS and Clariden Leu.


After years of gainful, faithful and competent service, opportunities to give and receive more from a day’s work present themselves to Mike Baur. For this reason, he leaves the world of banking and begins his professional practice of investing in startup companies. He enjoys the rewards of investing in startup companies so much that decides to start one of his own, with the help of colleagues. By name, these colleagues are Max Meister and Oliver Walzer.


With Mike at the helm, the Swiss Startup Factory sees growth, transformation and profit. But these things are to be expected when one of the business men at the head of the table holds prestigious mantles. One of these titles is jury member of the START Summiteer facilitated by the University of St Gallen. So, it only makes sense that he is named Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest. This naming only comes after Mike leads the Swiss Startup Factory through CTI’s Accelerator program. He does this with the Goldback Group in tow. There is also a partnership Fintech Fusion that adds to the value of Baur’s actions and associations. In fact, there is so much value there that the Wall Street Journal has taken note.

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