Eric Pulier is Known as a Tech Wizard

Eric Pulier has established himself as the man to work with when you want to launch a tech startup. This is because Eric has done this many times in the past. His rate of success in this field is well above most of his contemporaries. He got involved in the startup world after graduating college. He liked the idea of starting a new company, making it profitable and then selling the company before moving on to his next startup venture. Eric never wanted to do the same thing for very long. He likes to constantly move from one project to another. He likes the challenge of getting the public interested in the new companies that he creates.

Pulier was always great in school from a very early age. He was always on the honor role. This led to him being accepted into Harvard. He would eventually get a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. However, he was destined to never use that degree. He found the tech would to be much more energizing to him than his original plan of becoming an English literature professor. Pulier had no shortage of ideas regarding tech startup companies. However, he found it difficult to get people to believe in his ideas enough to invest money in them. He eventually made a successful pitch to a venture capitalist who liked his idea for a website called ServiceMesh. This company provided businesses with help using the cloud to perform various tasks. This was the tech startup that made Eric a star. He soon had other investors who were interested in hearing about his future startup plans.

Startups such as Akana and Desktone would soon follow. Pulier never looked back after that. He has often wondered how differently his life would have been if he had never discovered the world of startups. Fortunately, he was very lucky. He was able to find his true calling in life. Most people are not able to do this. Nowadays, Eric spends much of his time lecturing young people about the various intricacies of the tech startup industry. He is happy to pass on his wisdom.


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