Eric Lefkofsky – From Saving Money to Saving Lives

Tempus is an up and coming modern take on the process of fighting and curing cancer. It takes a more technological approach to the process and bulldoze it’s way into the 21st century. It brings a more personalized view of each patient and lets the doctors see more molecular pictures of what they are fighting. It shows an up to the minute look at the type of cancer they are dealing with and the severity of it. It helps them know how to approach it and how best to race toward the cure and save each patients life in the exact way they need. Visit this site:

The idea itself was ingenious, but it required someone who was truly and holistically invested in finding the cure and changing the way we save lives. It needed someone who was willing to spearhead the project. They got just that in the form of Mr. Eric Lefkofsky.

Going from being the founder of Groupon to investing large quantities to help in the race to the cure for cancer. He went from helping people save money to helping them save lives. Not many can claim the same as he can. In the past few years he has donated millions toward the research and development of Tempus as well as cancer research in general. Check his Facebook Page:

Not only has he funded the future steps for saving the world, he founded it. Eric Lefkofsky is the president and has a major hand in many of the dealings that go on in Tempus every day. He has taken more than just an interest in helping doctors and the health care industry as a whole, he has devoted many resources and time to not only helping find the cure but helping those who are currently fighting a battle of life and death every day.

In the end, Mr Eric Lefkofsky can say that he has helped save lives and that is what we all really want; to be are a hero to those in need. He has been at the forefront of a new cutting edge technology that can save the world as we know it, and we should all be grateful for those who are willing to put others before themselves.


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