Eric Lefkofsky, Business Owner of Tempus

Are you familiar with the name Eric Lefkofsky? If not, you most likely have heard about his business venture, Groupon. This company is his third business however is his most recognized. Eric has made quite a name for himself earning more than 1.7 billion dollars through the years. With his business knowledge, Eric is sure to move onto the bigger and better things in business.In recent months, Eric Lefkofsky has started a new business with a great objective in mind. Tempus is his newest business venture. This business is going to collect data for building a database on cancer. It is this company that is going to be used to allow doctors to submit and analyze a patient’s DNA which will allow for therapy to be aimed specifically to the patient and their needs. In previous years, patients were less likely to live longer lives than they are able to now. For some, this is the only hope they have.

Eric began to realize that technology was not moving as fast as the times were and therefore someone needed to help the doctors advance the collection of data gathered for their patients. With the new technology, more doctors are able to have their data analyzed whereas others were not before the start of Tempus.Eric made sure that as he began his business, that he partnered with various hospitals that are well known. With Tempus, there is a lab that is equipped to handle all the tests needed as well as information that needs to be analyzed for the doctors. In the 20,000 square foot lab, there is equipment that will help with the gene sequencing that is needed to analyze a patients DNA.

Tempus also has allowed for doctors to use software that is used to collect data and create profiles of their patients. By using the software, more patients are able to find treatments that are aimed more towards each individual case rather than the standard treatments that were used previously.In 2015, Eric decided to step down from the position of CEO of Groupon. By doing this, Eric is more able to focus on the building of the Tempus business. He still holds a position inside of the Groupon business as well as remaining a large shareholder of Groupon business.

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