EOS Vegan Crystal Lip Balm Smells Great And Provides Hydration Review

EOS Lip Balm has many different lip balms on the market so there is no way possible that I have already tried them all but I am getting there so it was exciting to know that they had just released a new lip balm so I purchased it. I purchased the Vanilla orchid flavor of the crystal vegan lip balm because I love vanilla and have vanilla everything so I figured what is one more vanilla flavored product? I fell in love and its going to be hard for me to even try any of their other lip balms because I love their new Vanilla orchid flavor so much. It’s a great flavor that smells good and leaves my lips with just the right amount of hydration.

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EOS sells body lotion aside from lip balm, hand lotion, and shave cream. EOS body lotion is very moisturizing in order to provide customers with extremely soft skin that they cannot get from any other body lotion on the market. EOS Body lotion comes in three different scents which are delicate petals, berry blossom, and extra dry vanilla orchid. If you like Vanilla orchid a lot you could also purchase their Vanilla orchid vegan crystal lip balm that was just released. EOS Body lotion is sold in two different sizes. A 6.8 fl oz bottle and a 11.8 fl oz bottle.

EOS body lotion along with other EOS products can be found at Walgreens, Target, Walmart, and CVS for reasonable prices, hit on target.com. If you are interested in buying any of EOS Products you can look at their website for a large list of all the products that they offer. EOS is bound to be the most hydrating product you have ever used on your lips and skin and will even reduce the amount of dry skin you have.

Visit EOS’ website for more details, evolutionofsmooth.de.


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