Eos’ New Crystal Clear Lip Balm Should Be the Next hing On Your Beauty List

The hottest lip balm ever just got a makeover, introducing; Eos, Crystal Lip Balm. For only $5 you can get your very on clear gem fully packed with everything your lips need to be on point. A crystal clear, hydrating blend of natural oils to perfectly protect, but not conceal your lips with harmful dyes or heavy waxes. The vegan blend of shea butter and coconut, avocado, castor, and sunflower oils helps to turn dry cracked lips into rosey pink soft luscious lips in no time.

Not only is Eos’ new lip balm perfect to wear by itself (for all those looking to keep it natural), but is also the perfect lip primer for an sort of lipstick. Matt, gloss, wax, any Eos’ protect can handle it, but they have been perfecting their recipes to be able to offer their consumers the best of the best. Not only did they throw in a game changing naturally invisible shine, they also created a whole new look for the Eo’s containers we all know and love. To make sure everyone knows you’re packing a new and improved product.

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Whisper to your crush with the scent of Vanilla Orchid on your lips. A sweet and subtle scent, sure to turn heads. ‘Kill your enemies with kindness’ while wearing Hibiscus Peach. Whatever you use your new glam tool for, rest assured, you’re looking f***ing amazing for $5 (Amazon).

Let your lips shine like they should, naturally, with Eos’ Crystal Clear Lip Balm.

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