EOS is sweeter than any kiss review

The video itself really brings out a positive vibe to the commercial. Starting with the occasional pop up of the eos lip balm between the fruits is extremely appealing to see and to taste. The smiling young man brings in more positive vibes into the commercial romantically which gives the viewers the main point of the commercial, EOS is great for kissing.

The sweet cakes and desserts that are brought out through out the video appeals once again to taste. The bright colors through out the video never left a dull moment. It brought the product to its best standing which is absolutely appealing. The packaging is extremely attractive and approachable. They say that they don’t have to reapply the lip balm over and over throughout the day. The price is simple and the container is fun. She also states that the mint one gives her breath a minty taste (imabeautygeek.com).  It lasts a long time and it is so easy to apple over the lips. It keeps lips extremely smooth and the colors of the packaging is extremely thoughtful and fun to put on. This is one of the lip balms that she most often bus over and over aging

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