EOS Creates Chamomile Lip Balm Product That Cools Lips

Those who are dealing with chapped lips and looking for something that will provide them with real relief will be excited to try out a new product from EOS. The Medicated Pain Relieving Lip Balm from this well-known brand is something that works to cool the lips and help them feel better right away. This lip balm is made with menthol as one of its ingredients and that helps the lips to feel medicated. This lip balm contains chamomile, making it a popular choice for those who love tea. This lip balm is made to soothe the lips when they are hurting, and it is a product that can help to fight the signs of aging when it comes to a person’s lips.

EOS is a brand that offers a variety of lip balm products, including some limited-edition offerings. This brand has lip balm options for those who are looking for fruity flavors as well as options for those who are looking for mint or vanilla flavored products. The design of each product from this brand is unique from many other lip balm products out there in that the product is sphere shaped.

The EOS brand has been featured in many magazines, (Allure) and it is a brand that is readily available in most areas. Those who would like to try products from this brand, such as the new chamomile lip balm, can do that without searching too hard to find it, check imabeautygeek.com.


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