Economist Ted Bauman Shares His View About Markets Crashing

Ted Bauman is an economist who was born in Washington D.C. and raised in the state of Maryland. After graduating from high school he moved to South Africa where he enrolled at the University of Cape Town. After earning degrees in history and economics he moved to New York and enrolled at the State University of New York, earning a business administration degree in 1993. He has also earned an MBA which he acquired in 2001 at Georgia State University.

Now living in Atlanta, Georgia, Ted Bauman published a couple of investing newsletters through Banyan Hill Publishing. His writing is primarily centered on helping people invest their assets through low-risk strategies. He also writes about how people can protect their assets whether that is from declining markets or the greedy hands of government and corporations.

Ted Bauman says that when he was going to school he worked at places like Burger King, Mcdonald’s, and some gas stations. He said he learned from these experiences what it is like to be in the working-class and having to deal with demanding bosses. He says one of his key takeaways was that it is important to focus on everyone’s welfare whether they are the bottom or the top of the chain. Visit the website to learn more.

A recent article of his delves into what to do before and during the next inevitable market crash. He points to rule-based selling as what can cause a crash in stock prices out of nowhere. He says if you’re brave enough to buy the stocks of quality companies during these times in the markets you can quickly make 10% or more of a return in relatively short order. Follow Ted Bauman on

He also suggests taking a balanced viewpoint when it comes to investing in stocks. He points out that he thinks stocks are mostly currently overvalued. At some point in the not so distant future he expects their value to revert closer to what they ought to be valued at. Ted Bauman is also hoping that the Fed continues to increase interest rates as that will boost what people earn from their savings and bond rates will go up.



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