Dr. Johanan Rand, a Leading Name in Weight-loss Medicine.

In an era where doctors care less for their patients than ever before, one professional, Dr. Johanan Rand of New Jersey, defies this trend, choosing instead to provide top-notch healthcare and warmth to his patients. Educated at the world renowned Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York, Dr. Johanan Rand is considered to be at the forefront of weight-loss and anti-aging medicine. In fact, Dr. Johanan Rand is a member of Age Management Group as well as the A4M society. He is a fellow of the A4M society, and is in the process of writing a book “It’s not too late to live past 100” using the knowledge he has acquired in many years as a medical professional.

Dr. Johanan Rand is perhaps most known for being on the cutting edge of medical practice. Famous for developing his HCG diet program, Dr. Johanan Rand invented a way to utilize a hormone that women produce when pregnant to induce weight loss without muscle deterioration. Notably, this hormone sidesteps a key issue with weight-loss, a constant feeling of hunger, by allowing the body to consume low-calorie diets without feeling hungry. With this weight loss medicine, Dr. Johanan Rand has enabled many patients to lose weight that seemed to outmatch other weight loss medicines. He was inspired by a theory developed by a British doctor in 1954, that most diets do not work because the body has an instinctive tendency to resist losing weight. Dr. Johanan Rand incorporated this knowledge into the creation of his weight loss medicine, realizing that, by utilizing the HCG hormone, he can convince the body to tolerate low calorie diets.

Dr. Rand has also tackled the prevalent issue of erectile disfunction among older men. Through his research into anti-aging, and his accolades on the subject mentioned above, he has been able to offer new, effective medicine to combat erectile disfunction.

Dr. Johanan Rand has helped countless people find effective proven solutions for weight-loss and erectile disfunction through a unique combination of hormone treatment and his own personal charm and kindness.


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