Dherbs.com: Through the eyes of Ms. Sheryl Underwood

Dherbs is a vegan based full body cleansing system. It can be purchased from dherbs.com. The body cleansing system is a 20-day program which uses all natural ingredients. However, unlike other cleansing programs, Dherbs has other benefits such as weight loss. Sheryl Underwood is an excellent example of what can happen when someone goes on Dherbs detox and weight loss plan. After starting it, she managed to lose close to 5 pounds of body weight within a few days! Ms. Underwood did the detox program along with her workout regimen. This is because of the detox expelling all of the unwanted poisons from the body.


Ms.Underwood is doing the full program of detox and weight loss. This includes consuming mostly raw foods. She has stopped eating unhealthy foods such as hot dogs. Just taking junk food out of the system can make a big difference to one’s metabolism. Not to mention all the external sources of poison such as the air we breathe. Ms. Underwood has been following all of the steps the detox program has recommended. The result being a person who is literally getting a new body and mind.



There is a cornucopia of products on the Dherbs website, and available on Amazon as well. Colon cleanses and facial skin kits are just some of the many useful products that can found on the Dherbs website. You are also able to purchase pet care products, candles, and ebooks.


Steve Harvey Endorsement


Steve Harvey and his wife endorse Dherbs.com because they use Dherbs products because they work. If you have ever seen how much energy Steve Harvey has, you know he must be doing something right. The CEO of Dherbs.com, A.D. Dolphin was asked and has appeared on the Steve Harvey Show to explain the health benefits and details of eating a raw foods diet. The supplements you can purchase at Dherbs.com can help you with your raw foods diet.


Dherbs Mission


The company Dherb’s mission is to help people take responsibility for their own health. They are spreading the message that taking responsibility for your own health comes from within. But being aware and of this inner ability for self-care is not enough. We all need a little help from the universe and Dherbs is just the company to help. The company has taken on the responsibility to bring you top health information and then providing products that help you attain your optimum health.  Much of that information can also be sought on social media, where Dherbs.com has popular Tumblr pages, as well as the family Facebook.


Every part of your body is necessary for healthy function. How you take care of those parts through exercise, diet, and rest plays a giant role in your survival. Dherbs was founded on the principle of helping you keep a healthy immune system and a happy lifestyle. Visit Dherbs and check out all the wonderful products you can buy to help reach your health goals and maintain a healthy body.

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