DeVos Donates for More School Choice

Wealthy families are being revealed to be some of the most generous contributors of philanthropic activities and charities. However, they could afford to be as generous as they are. They also are more knowledgeable of different charities and campaigns that are in motion. This gives them more opportunities to donate. Among the families that are very generous in their donations is the DeVos family. Dick DeVos is among the many that are making donations for more choices in education as well as health related and income based charities. 

The current charity campaign that is being funded is School choice. In 2000, there were some people that supported school choices. Even with state ballots in favor of new schools being voted against, there are active voucher programs that are in favor of alternatives to public schools. Among the alternatives to public schooling is charter schools and home schooling. Even with the initiative being shot down, there are quite a few vouchers and a growing number of states in support of it. The DeVos family plays a large part in setting the initiative in motion.

Dick DeVos’ father¬†is the owner of Amway. Through his direct marketing company during his time as CEO, Dick DeVos has eventually gained as much ‘as $5 billion which makes him and his family one of the wealthiest families and great contributors to different charities that they believe in. They also help in painting an image of the wealthier families as being some of the more generous families when it comes to philanthropic initiatives.

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