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How Philanthropy Has Cast the DeVos Family into the Limelight

Many people find giving away their resources for the benefit of others difficult. Many wealthy people in particular prefer spending their money on ostentatious goods instead of helping improve the lives of those who are less fortunate in the society. … Continue reading

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Mariah Carey Should Choose her Footwear more Wisely

Pop diva Mariah Carey was recently photographed taking a tumble down some stairs on a mega-yacht belonging to her new beau, 47-year-old billionaire James Packer. Wearing a Camilla swimsuit, a wrap around skirt, and gigantic block heels, Mariah lost her … Continue reading

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When Skinny Jeans Fight Back

If you are a fan of skinny jeans there is a warning you need to hear. Your skinny jeans could cause health problems. Don’t panic too fast though you don’t need to run out and throw them away. Just remember … Continue reading

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Botched Clinton Plans to Leak Bogus Info to Iran Result in Jail Time

A scandal during the Clinton Administration uncovered by a reporter during the Bush Administration several years later resulted in a former CIA operative being sent to jail this week. Jeffrey Sterling, now 47, worked for the Central Intelligence Agency many … Continue reading

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Xiaomi Challenges Its Rivals With Introduction Of Gopro Yicamera

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has unveiled its new camera model at bargain price. It is called as YiCamera, launched on Monday on the Chinese brand site. The camera has a 16-megapixel sensor with 64GB memory. Its side resolution it is … Continue reading

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Cold Cap: An Effective Hair Saving Treatment For Chemotherapy Patients

Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to slow the growth of cancer cells within the body. Often times, those same drugs also kill the healthy cells that grow hair. It is the loss of hair that so many cancer patients … Continue reading

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Learning About app Skout, A Place To Meet Other People

One of the most important events in anyone’s life is finding a compatible person with which to form a long lasting relationship or just become friends. For many people this has become a difficult situation. Fortunately, it is now possible … Continue reading

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Amazing Shots

Though we may all dabble in photography and may get a zillion likes on Instagram or on Facebook, not many photos can measure up to the ones that have been recently found. These 74 phenomenal photographs are beyond fantastic and … Continue reading

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Attorney General Asks For Delay in Same Sex Marriages

On Thursday, same sex couples will be allowed to legally marry in South Carolina. The Attorney General of South Carolina has now requested that the Supreme Court delay the legalization in order for the appeal process to continue. This comes … Continue reading

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New CEO at Gap Looks Ahead

There will be a new face at the head of Gap, America’s super store of suburban retail, and that is Art Peck. Peck is a 55 year old digital chief from within the company who will act as CEO starting … Continue reading

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