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Official BMI Calculations Are Hurting Career Models

Modeling is a tough business especially when criticism and industry qualifications go deeper than looks and how well a person wears certain fashion. In countries like Spain and France, modeling agencies and photographers can be financially penalized for showcasing models … Continue reading

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Antiquities: The Silent War Victim

We are all aware of the human victims of war, stories about them are everywhere. But what about the heritage of a country embroiled in war? We don’t often here about them. One of the tenets of belief of the … Continue reading

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Tom Rothman: A Film Executive Understands Both Art and Commerce

Tom Rothman is an highly successful film executive. He is currently the head of Tristar Productions, a company affiliated with Sony. He came to Tristar in 2013 after many years as CEO and chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment.  Rothman has … Continue reading

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Web Design as Art

While many see web design as simply a means to an end, there is more that goes into good design than simply efficient function. There is a way in which an artist usually paints his or her canvas and in … Continue reading

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Fashion Photographer Terry Richardson is Living His Dream

Famed fashion photographer Terry Richardson has been capturing iconic images for decades. Known for his provocative images, Richardson frequently photographs models and celebrities both doing mundane things as well as nude or simulating sexual acts. He also captures them wearing … Continue reading

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