Bruno Fagali: Advocating for a Society without Corruption

Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, but the problem of corruption remains. According to statistics, the country is still one of the most corrupt in the world, and the government is making only a little effort to combat the culture that has been entrenched in the society for centuries. However, one man is decided to change Brazil’s culture and eradicate corruption once and for all. He is Bruno Fagali, a lawyer and an activist who founded the FAGALI Advocacy. The Brazilian lawyer has been known for his campaigns against corrupt government officials, and he has inspired several other groups to protest against the culture of corruption.

His peers and colleagues know Bruno Fagali as a man of integrity and professionalism, and they also claimed that the idea to establish the FAGALI Advocacy came up after he felt that the country’s problem with corruption is getting worse. Aside from being an activist against the culture of corruption, he is also known for his reputation in the field of legal services, and he is also known for his specialization involving public laws and laws concerning the drive against corruption. It is his dream to see his country without any traces of corruption, and for Brazil to be recognized as one of the least corrupted nations on the planet. He knew that his dream could not be attained instantly, and he is doing his best to influence a lot of people to do the same thing that he is doing – and that is to encourage the government to become more aggressive against the corrupt officials.

One of the ideas that Bruno Fagali shared is the creation of a departmental integrity drive. He explained that the departmental integrity drive would require his group to visit small offices located in urban and rural Brazil, observing how the officials and the government employees behave. They would also use the time given to them to explain to the department what the effects of corruption are, and they are also encouraging the government employees to report those who they believe are benefiting from corrupt practices.

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