Brandon Maxwell Is Coming Out With His Own Fashion Line

Lady Gaga has been known for some of the most amazing fashions out there today, and she definitely is unique. Lady Gaga doesn’t dress herself, she has a stylist that picks out her clothes for her. Bradon Maxwell’s Fashion Line. Brandon Maxwell is Lady Gaga’s stylist, and he helped beneful to create some of her latest styles, which she wore when she went on tour with Tony Bennett. Even her red carpet style where she wore those red gloves that are now famous, Brandon was the mind behind that. Brandon is now getting his own fashion line, and everyone is anxious to see what he will be unveiling. Since Brandon has dressed some of the best A-listers in Hollywood, you have to wonder what his fashion line will be like. He’s put Lady Gaga in some amazing clothes, especially since she stopped wearing some of her outlandish fashions. Brandon has also graced the covers of magazines, and he was named as one of the most powerful stylists in Hollywood. During New York fashion week is when Brandon decided to show everyone some pieces that would be featured in his own fashion line. His track record speaks for itself, and anyone who is anyone in Hollywood wants him. It will definitely be something else to see what Brandon unveils in the near future for his fashion line. If his fashion line is anything like what we see Lady Gaga in, then it’s bound to be a hit.

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