Bernardo Chua Awarded in the Philippines

In 2015, Bernardo Chua made a special trip to the Philippines. Mr. Chua was attending an award ceremony in Manila at the Hamady Square. While going for the event, Bernardo was accompanied by a team of employees from his company, known as Organo Gold. During the event, Bernardo and his colleagues were given some prestigious awards, known as Dangal ng Bayan Awards. Mr. Chua was also coming to the event to represent one of his brands, and it was also awarded. Organo Gold received the Two People Choice Award.

The Dangal Bayan Awards are very famous and prestigious. They were started in the year 1981 by a team called National Consumer Affairs Foundation. The awards are mostly given from the Philippines, the country they were started. The popular awards were launched to honor the products that were considered top class and also the best in the market. The most awards are given to the products from the Filipinos. The awards were also started to recognize all the individuals in the industry who were influential in achieving the vision of the companies they were working for. Since their introduction, the awards have played a significant role in motivating citizens to get good returns in the business.
The award of the Outstanding Global Entrepreneur was given to Bernardo Chua during the event.

Bernardo was given this particular award due to the contributions he has made in Organo Gold while working as the CEO. Organo Gold is an international company that was started by Bernardo Chua many years ago. The institution has grown significantly since it was started, opening several branches in different parts of the world. Today, Organo Gold is considered as one of the fastest growing organizations in the world. Under the leadership of Bernardo, the company has only managed to get a lot of success.

Organo Gold is a very famous international company that offers its clients different types of coffee. The coffee from the company is quite different from the rest. It contains a Chinese medicinal herb that is known as Ganoderma Lucidium. The herb has made many people like it because it is used to cure several diseases. Individuals who take the coffee benefit a lot from it.

His Facebook indicates Bernardo Chua started the company in 2008, and since then, he has been working as its CEO. He is very knowledgeable in network marketing, and this has played an important role in the success of the company. The company is doing very well in the Philippines, because the people in the country love coffee.  Read more about the man on CrunchBase, or follow him @OGBernie on Twitter.

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