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EOS Lip Balms do the Trick

If you are looking to change up your lip balm routine, then look no further than EOS lip balms. They are far from your average lip balms and they do not contain any harsh or harmful ingredients or chemicals. EOS … Continue reading

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Jens, Sanctions, What Else?

In a time of so much national distress and need, there are a few questions that Brazil should be asking itself: “First of all, where do we stand on sanctions? Are sanctions important? If so why? If not what, why … Continue reading

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Explore the Flavors of EOS Lip Balm

When choosing an EOS lip balm, the options are selective and made to be that way. First, there is the iconic Summer Fruit. EOS is best known for this orb that comes in a sphere that is generously a mix … Continue reading

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UKV PLC Is Known For Its Wines

Some of the most popular wines are offered by UKV PLC. Besides, the company offers several other services too. There is a massive selection of wines being offered here. These are presented in a comprehensive catalog that is easy to … Continue reading

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Under Clay Siegall’s leadership, Seattle Genetics sees wide diversification of revenue

Every Finance 101 course will teach you that diversification is key to risk management, no matter how large or small the portfolio of investments. However, for some types of companies, diversification is a difficult thing to achieve. This is particularly … Continue reading

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Finding the Right EOS flavor

EOS has such a wide range of lip balms out there many shoppers find it truly difficult to narrow down the options to a reasonable number to choose from. This is, of course, part of their appeal. The different flavors … Continue reading

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Honey Birdette: Bringing a Mixture of Fun and Sensuality into the Bedroom

Launch of US e-commerce and UK Rapid Retail Roll-out Recap Honey Birdette is an Australian based lingerie brand. The brand has decided to launch an e-commerce in the U.S., after an increase in the online sales by 374%. They also … Continue reading

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Make EOS A Staple of Your Look

EOS lip balms are incredibly wonderful. Not only are they ultra-trendy, but the cute little spheres are packed with amazing hydration for your lips. EOS is famous not only for being incredibly trendy and used by celebrities across the globe, … Continue reading

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Round and Colorful: Eos Lip Balms Make Waves

Founded in 2006, Eos (an acronym for Evolution of Smooth) lip balm, instantly recognizable by it’s round, vibrantly colored pods; is a paraben free, all natural balm that comes in a multitude of flavors. With ingredients like anti-oxidant packed vitamin … Continue reading

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Chris Burch- A Global Entrepreneurial Frontier

In 2012, Christopher Burch’s entrepreneurial ventures took him to the Indonesian Island where he together with James Mcbride a hotelier, bought a beach hostel. They renovated the hostel with an injection of $30 million and later reopened it in 2015 … Continue reading

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