Ara Chackerian Role in Healthcare Innovations

Ara Chakerian is a renowned investor in the world. The businessman understands the benefits of investing in different departments, and this is why he has business interests in a wide range of industries. The entrepreneur is respected in the world because of his philanthropic nature. The investor has been generous with his wealth, giving support to the needy causes that come his way. At the moment, Ara Chakerian is serving as the managing partner in a successful firm called ASC Capital Holdings. This institution focuses on investments in the new companies that are venturing into the healthcare department. Several years ago, the serial entrepreneur played a role in founding a company known as TMS Health Solutions, and he has been serving as one of the vocal board members. TMS Health Solutions was founded so that it can offer a better treatment method for the people who are struggling with resistant depression. The businessman has come a very long way.

Investments in the world of healthcare are not common in the modern times. There are individuals who fail to understand that it is possible for private investors to help the government to handle the investments in this department. Many people believe that this is an area that should be left for the governments and powerful public companies that have a lot of capital. Ara Chackerian is one of the few individuals who has been wide enough to take part in the investments in healthcare, and he is happy about his progress. You can visit


Several years ago, the serial entrepreneur realized that there was a special need for innovations in the competitive market. The investor felt that more lives could be saved if there was digitalization of the activities that were taking place in the market. Ara Chackerian felt that few people were interested in these innovations, despite the high number of people losing their lives. The businessman started an organization that would offer funds to the companies that are new in the market so that they can be able to forge ahead with the innovations and make an impact in the community. The businessman has made a positive impact in many lives because of this decisions. Check out for more.



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