Andrew Manganaro Talks Lifeline Screening

In a recent interview, Andrew Manganaro of Lifeline Screening explained how the service works and the importance of what they do. He relays that the screenings they conduct for heart disease go way beyond a general physical. Lifeline Screening largest company in the country who screens for vascular related diseases. They have screened over 8 million people to date and are staffed with medical personnel who retain impeccable credentials. These are board certified professionals who examine every ultrasound.

Andrew Manganaro has offered his services to Lifeline Screening because he has seen firsthand the devastating effects of heart disease. Many patients had their lives cut short as a result of heart disease and Manganaro wanted to make a proactive difference. This led to his tenure at Lifeline Screening provides a way to determine the most at-risk patients. Having the knowledge beforehand will hopefully lead to much better outcomes.

Lifeline Screening is more extensive than a physical. They utilize an algorithm to determine each patient’s risk factors. They are able to screen patients who currently exhibit no symptoms based on the risk factors which include high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and family history. Age is an important consideration as well.
Lifeline Screening is used by medical professionals for their personal issues and they are appreciative of their availability. Lifeline’s work is made known by careful health care marketing and through their publication of medical literature. They are also developing new screenings for lung function and adult onset diabetes. They use the most advanced technology available for their work and it is conducted in non-invasive ways. They report their findings to medical journals which enable the knowledge base dedicated to prevention to advance.

Dr. Andy Manganaro is the Chief Medical Officer and National Medical Director for Lifeline Screening. In the year 2000, he started with Lifeline physician reviewer and deepened his involvement in 2005.

Lifeline Screening is dedicated to screening for the most prevalent diseases which can hurt the quality of life or even result in early death. Heart disease, stroke, and cancer are three prime examples. In one recent year Lifeline identified over 62,000 individuals who had potentially serious health risks and presented no symptoms.

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