An Insight On Kevin Seawright And His New Position At The Newark Community Project

Kevin Seawright is a famous name in the business executive management sector. This is due to the many years of service in the industry. Kevin Seawright is currently the executive vice president and chief financial officer at the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation also known as Newark CEDC. This firm was instituted to be the main economic development agency for Newark, New Jersey. Before his appointment to this organization, Kevin Seawright was the chief financial and facilities officer at Maryland’s Department of Recreation and Parks. In the position, he was tasked with management of over $50 million worth of funds from the city, state, and federal governments.

From the recreational sector, Kevin Seawright advanced to the education sector where he worked as the fiscal management leader. At this position, he was very effective at preparing budgets of over $200 million every year. Kevin Seawright also offered advice and counsel on the construction of schools and other supporting infrastructural problems that may come up. He was given the mandate to manage over $600 million worth of renovations and development projects on the current and new structures in the educational institutions. He has also worked as the Director of Operations for the Collington Life Care Community where he was responsible for over 500 residents. He gave out contracts and supervised the construction and operation funds worth over $5 million.

Currently, as chief executive officer of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, Kevin Seawright says he has gotten another chance to serve the community and make a change. The Newark CEDC is working in collaboration with NewarkWorks and other organizations to improve the life and the economy of Newark city. They aim at achieving their goals by providing the youth with secure jobs starting this summer. They have organized the Summer Youth Employment Plan to provide the youth in the area with over six weeks work during summer. The Newark CEDC is also working with the Newark student residents to help increase college graduation rates in the region. They have come up with a program that comprises of on-the-job training, entrepreneurship empowerment lectures, strategic financial lessons, and college preparatory. All this are aimed at improving the lives of the youth in Newark.

This program will be laughing its first-year operations soon. Those who wish to participate have to apply online through the Newark CEDC website. Kevin Seawright says from his Twitter that this initiative will be a game changer not only in Newark but also all over the country. He says that this program will greatly improve the economy of Newark city. From the statistics that have been recently released, over 350 youth applications have already been received. This means that the youth is appreciating the whole initiatives. They expect to get a lot of applications within the next 6 weeks from which 3,000 to 3,500 are going to be chosen.

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