An Honest Review Of EOS Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm

What is cooling and about three dollars? If you answered EOS chamomile lip balm, you would be correct. It is hard to imagine that something this fun and exciting only costs about three dollars. It is no secret that it is easy to get chapped lips in any season. Lucky for all of us, EOS has created a new medicated lip balm that is helping everyone solve the chapped lip frustration with ease and it’s cost effective (

The all new balm is made from chamomile. This is as tasteful as a cup of Earl Grey tea or the smell of the sweet flower it’s self. People love the herb because it has all of the things that help fight free radicals in the body. It is an herb that is great for skin, anti-inflammation, hydration and much more.

You might remember EOS from when the celebrities all started to pull out and use their new Evolution Of Smooth lip balm with all the coolest flavors. This EOS quickly became a leader in the chap lip balm field by replacing the medicine looking and smelling round tube type balms. The EOS quickly started to take up space in several cost-effective retail stores and EOS was soon in the hands of just about everyone who has lips.

As an EOS user, I have to say that the new EOS cooling chamomile lip balm is one of my personal favorites and it lives up to what many users are looking for in a lip balm. Just like all of the products that they develop this is another one that is going to stand the test of time for sure. As the product becomes more available on store shelves, more and more people are going to be trying it and making it their go to brand and perhaps their go to flavor as well.

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